1: The Bicentennial quarter was minted in 1976 to honor America's 200th birthday.

2: Look for a "D" or "S" mintmark on the Bicentennial quarter to determine its rarity.

3: The Bicentennial quarter with a "D" mintmark is more common than the one with an "S" mintmark.

4: The Bicentennial quarter with an "S" mintmark was only minted in San Francisco.

5: Factors that affect the rarity of a Bicentennial quarter include its mintmark and condition.

6: Mint state Bicentennial quarters with minimal wear are more valuable to collectors.

7: The value of a Bicentennial quarter can vary based on its rarity and overall condition.

8: Bicentennial quarters with full luster and sharp detail are highly sought after by collectors.

9: Keep an eye out for Bicentennial quarters with errors or variations, as these can also increase their value.