1: The 1933 Double Eagle is the rarest coin in the world. With only a few known to exist, this coin is highly coveted by collectors.

2: Originally intended for circulation, the 1933 Double Eagle was never released due to changes in US currency laws.

3: Several of these rare coins were illegally removed from the US Mint, making them even more valuable.

4: In 2002, one of the 1933 Double Eagles sold at auction for over $7 million, setting a record for the most expensive coin ever sold.

5: The rare coin features a design by acclaimed sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens, adding to its allure.

6: Due to the unique circumstances surrounding the 1933 Double Eagle, it remains the most sought-after coin in the world.

7: Collectors and historians continue to be fascinated by the mystery and intrigue of this rare coin.

8: Owning a 1933 Double Eagle is the ultimate status symbol for any serious coin collector.

9: Despite its illegality, the 1933 Double Eagle remains a coveted piece of American numismatic history.