1: The oldest dime in the United States is the Draped Bust dime, minted in 1796.

2: This dime featured a design of Lady Liberty with flowing hair and a small eagle on the reverse.

3: The Draped Bust dime was minted from 1796 to 1807 and is highly sought after by collectors.

4: In good condition, these dimes can fetch a high price at auction or from coin dealers.

5: The Draped Bust dime is an important part of American numismatic history.

6: It symbolizes the early days of the United States Mint and the country's growing economy.

7: Collectors value these dimes for their rarity and historical significance.

8: If you come across a Draped Bust dime, take good care of it as it is a piece of American history.

9: Consider consulting a professional numismatist for an accurate appraisal of your oldest dime.