1: "A hummingbird hitting your window can be shocking. But if it survives, watch it closely for signs of injury."

2: "Check for any visible injuries or bleeding. If the hummingbird seems alert, try gently guiding it to a safe place."

3: "Allow the hummingbird time to recover. Offer sugar water in a shallow dish to help regain strength and energy."

4: "Observe the hummingbird for any signs of improvement. Be cautious when handling as they are delicate creatures."

5: "If the hummingbird is unable to fly after some time, contact a local wildlife rehabilitation center for assistance."

6: "Keep the hummingbird in a quiet and safe place until it can regain enough strength to be released back into the wild."

7: "Remember to keep pets and children away from the hummingbird to ensure its safety and well-being."

8: "Taking care of a hummingbird in distress can be a rewarding experience. Help these tiny creatures thrive in nature."

9: "Spread awareness about the importance of protecting wildlife like hummingbirds. Together, we can make a difference in their survival."