1: 1. Mix mayo and mustard for a tangy kick.

2: 2. Add chopped celery for extra crunch.

3: 3. Spice it up with paprika or cayenne pepper.

4: 4. Swap mayo for Greek yogurt for a healthier option.

5: 5. Use avocado instead of mayo for a creamy twist.

1: The beloved CBS show The Big Bang Theory is making a return with a new spinoff series.

2: Get ready to meet the villains we love to hate in The Big Bang Theory spinoff.

3: Discover new characters who will add excitement and drama to the Big Bang universe.

1: "Fried Butter" - A deep-fried American delicacy that may not be for the faint of heart.

2: "Corn Dogs" - A classic carnival treat that's uniquely American in its simplicity and indulgence.