1: Introduction Explore the history of the Kennedy Half Dollar, a coin honoring President John F. Kennedy's legacy in American history.

2: Early Life Learn about JFK's upbringing, military service, and political career that inspired the creation of the iconic coin.

3: Coin Design Discover the intricate details of the Kennedy Half Dollar's design, featuring JFK's profile and the presidential seal.

4: Minting Process Uncover the minting process behind the Kennedy Half Dollar, from design to production at the US Mint.

5: Collectible Value Understand the collectible value of the Kennedy Half Dollar and its popularity among coin enthusiasts.

6: Commemorative Editions Explore the various commemorative editions of the Kennedy Half Dollar, honoring significant events in US history.

7: Rare Varieties Learn about rare varieties of the Kennedy Half Dollar that are highly sought after by collectors.

8: Investment Potential Discover the investment potential of the Kennedy Half Dollar, with some coins increasing in value over time.

9: Legacy Reflect on the lasting legacy of President John F. Kennedy through the enduring symbol of the Kennedy Half Dollar.