1: Discover the secret to making the best homemade hummingbird nectar with this easy recipe.

2: Mix 1 part white granulated sugar with 4 parts water to create a sweet and nutritious nectar.

3: Boil the mixture for 1-2 minutes to dissolve the sugar and kill any harmful bacteria.

4: Let the nectar cool completely before filling your hummingbird feeder.

5: Change the nectar every 3-4 days to keep it fresh for the hummingbirds.

6: Avoid using red food coloring as it can be harmful to hummingbirds.

7: Place your feeder near flowers or in a shaded area to attract hummingbirds.

8: Clean your feeder with hot water and white vinegar every week to prevent mold growth.

9: Enjoy watching the beautiful hummingbirds visit your feeder with this delicious nectar recipe.