1: Title: The 10 Best Blue Bloods Episodes Top episodes that captivate fans with gripping storylines and strong character development. Discover the ultimate list of must-watch episodes from CBS's hit police drama.

2: 1. "Reagan's in Blue" - S1 The pilot episode introduces the Reagan family and sets the tone for the series with a tense hostage negotiation.

3: 2. "The Job" - S1 Frank deals with a high-stakes case while Danny and Jackie investigate a murder. Emotions run high in this intense episode.

4: 3. "The Blue Templar" - S1 A deep dive into corruption within the NYPD leads to a shocking conclusion that changes the Reagan family forever.

5: 4. "Officer Down" - S1 After Jamie is shot in the line of duty, the Reagans rally together to find the shooter and seek justice for their own.

6: 5. "Unwritten Rules" - S2 When an officer's questionable actions come to light, the Reagans must navigate a moral dilemma with no easy answers.

7: 6. "Re-Do" - S3 Emotions run high when Danny reopens a cold case involving a missing child, leading to a heart-wrenching conclusion.

8: 7. "The Job" - S4 Frank faces tough decisions in the aftermath of a tragic event, highlighting the complexities of police work and family ties.

9: 8. "Blast From the Past" - S5 As secrets from Frank's past resurface, the Reagan family must confront difficult truths to protect their legacy.