1: The Sacagawea Dollar, introduced in 2000, sparked a shift in US coin design.

2: Featuring the Shoshone woman Sacagawea, the coin showcased diversity and representation.

3: This influence can be seen in subsequent coin designs, embracing cultural and historical themes.

4: The Sacagawea Dollar paved the way for the Native American $1 Coin program.

5: Modern US coin designs now reflect a more inclusive and diverse America.

6: The Sacagawea Dollar's impact on coin design continues to resonate in the numismatic world.

7: Its influence highlights the importance of representation in currency and everyday objects.

8: As a symbol of cultural significance, the Sacagawea Dollar remains a pivotal piece in US coinage.

9: The legacy of the Sacagawea Dollar lives on, shaping future coin designs and celebrating diversity.