1: "The USA spans approximately 2,800 miles from the East Coast to the West Coast."

2: "The width of the USA varies depending on location, ranging from 2,680 miles to 3,220 miles."

3: "The widest part of the USA is across the midpoint, with a width of about 2,960 miles."

4: "The USA's diverse geography includes expansive plains, towering mountains, and vast deserts."

5: "The country's width plays a significant role in its diverse climate and ecosystems."

6: "From the Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean, the USA's width showcases its vast natural beauty."

7: "The USA's width impacts transportation and travel times across states and regions."

8: "The vast width of the USA offers endless opportunities for exploration and adventure."

9: "Discover the incredible width of the USA and all it has to offer from coast to coast."