1: Introduction to Landscape Design Learn the basics of creating a beautiful landscape plan for your outdoor space.

2: Assessing Your Space Determine the size, shape, and current features of your yard before starting your design.

3: Setting Your Goals Define your goals for your landscape plan, such as creating a garden oasis or entertaining space.

4: Designing the Layout Sketch out your ideas for plant placement, pathways, and seating areas in your yard.

5: Choosing Plants Select plants that are suitable for your climate, soil type, and desired aesthetic for your landscape plan.

6: Adding Hardscape Elements Incorporate features like patios, decks, and water features to enhance your landscape design.

7: Creating a Maintenance Plan Plan for ongoing care of your landscape by scheduling watering, pruning, and fertilizing tasks.

8: Budgeting for Your Project Estimate costs for materials, tools, and professional services needed to execute your landscape plan.

9: Finalizing Your Design Revise your layout, plant selection, and hardscape elements to create a comprehensive landscape plan.