1: 1. Turn on Samsung S23 phone. 2. Swipe down to access settings. 3. Tap on "Connections." 4. Select "Screen Mirroring" option.

2: 5. Turn on Smart TV. 6. Go to TV settings. 7. Find "Screen Mirroring" or "Connect" option. 8. Select Samsung S23 from the list.

3: 9. Accept connection request on phone. 10. Enjoy mirroring your phone on TV. 11. Control playback on phone. 12. Disconnect by turning off screen mirroring.

4: 13. Use a USB-C to HDMI cable for wired connection. 14. Connect one end to phone and the other to TV. 15. Switch TV input to HDMI. 16. Follow on-screen instructions on phone.

5: 17. Enable Bluetooth on phone and TV. 18. Pair devices by following prompts. 19. Select TV as audio output on phone. 20. Play videos and music through TV speakers.

6: 21. Download Samsung SmartThings app. 22. Add Smart TV to the app. 23. Control TV functions from your phone. 24. Browse content and settings remotely.

7: 25. Use Samsung DeX mode for desktop experience. 26. Connect phone to TV via USB-C cable. 27. Switch to DeX mode on phone. 28. Enjoy desktop-like interface on TV screen.

8: 29. Stream content from phone to TV using casting apps. 30. Install Chromecast or Samsung Smart View app. 31. Follow on-screen instructions to cast. 32. Watch videos, photos, and more on the big screen.

9: 33. Troubleshoot connection issues by restarting devices. 34. Check for software updates on phone and TV. 35. Consult Samsung support for further assistance. 36. Enjoy seamless connectivity between Samsung S23 and Smart TV.