1: The value of a single nickel is 5 cents, worth 1/20th of a dollar.

2: Nickels are made of a combination of copper and nickel alloy.

3: Introduced in 1866, the nickel became the first coin to feature the image of Thomas Jefferson.

4: Nickels are thicker and larger than dimes but smaller than quarters.

5: The minting process of a nickel involves blank discs being stamped with the design of Jefferson's face.

6: Rare and collectible nickels can fetch high prices from coin collectors.

7: The word "nickel" comes from the German word "kupfernickel," meaning "devil's copper."

8: Nickels have been minted at various U.S. mints, including Philadelphia and Denver.

9: The nickel has undergone several design changes throughout its history, including the removal of silver during World War II.