3: Uncover the secrets of these valuable coins

4: What makes bicentennial quarters so rare?

1: Discover the incredible story of the 6 pennies from the 1850s that are now worth a staggering 450 million USD.

2: These rare coins are known as the "Saddle Ridge Hoard" and were found buried in California in 2013.

3: The coins were minted between 1854 and 1866 and are in pristine condition, adding to their value.

4: The couple who discovered the coins stumbled upon them while walking their dog on their property.

5: The coins are now considered some of the most valuable ever found in the United States.

6: Experts believe that the coins were likely buried by someone who didn't trust banks during the Gold Rush era.

7: The couple who found the coins have chosen to remain anonymous to protect their privacy.

8: The coins have since been sold at auction and have fetched prices beyond anyone's wildest dreams.