1: "Blue Bloods" coming to an end after Season 14. Star Tom Selleck reflects on the show's legacy and impact.

2: Tom Selleck shares his thoughts on the decision to conclude "Blue Bloods" after a successful 14-season run.

3: The beloved CBS police drama will wrap up its run with Season 14, leaving fans with memories to cherish.

4: Tom Selleck expresses gratitude for the opportunity to portray NYPD Commissioner Frank Reagan on "Blue Bloods."

5: The show's loyal fan base bids farewell to "Blue Bloods" as it reaches the end of its impressive run.

6: "Blue Bloods" leaves behind a lasting legacy in the television landscape, thanks to the talented cast and crew.

7: Tom Selleck reflects on the profound impact that "Blue Bloods" has had on both him and the viewers over the years.

8: As Season 14 draws to a close, fans and cast members alike are proud of the mark that "Blue Bloods" has left.

9: "Blue Bloods" may be ending, but its enduring themes of family, honor, and justice will live on in the hearts of its dedicated audience.