1: Kennedy Half Dollars are graded using a scale from Poor to Mint State. Learn the importance of grading for collectors.

2: Poor grades indicate heavy wear and damage, affecting value. Fair-High grades show varying levels of wear.

3: Very Fine to Extremely Fine grades show minor wear with some original luster. AU grades display slight wear.

4: Uncirculated grades show no wear, with Mint State grades like MS-60 to MS-70. Learn grading terminology for accuracy.

5: Grading services like PCGS and NGC certify Kennedy Half Dollars for accuracy and authenticity. Trust professional grading.

6: Factors like strike quality, toning, and eye appeal influence a coin's grade. Understand how these factors impact value.

7: Grading Kennedy Half Dollars requires knowledge of key date and mint mark varieties. Discover rare and valuable versions.

8: Collectors rely on grading to determine market value and investment potential. Stay informed to make smart buying decisions.

9: Whether you collect for enjoyment or investment, grading is essential for understanding a Kennedy Half Dollar's worth. Start grading today.