1: Eggs are a fantastic source of both iron and vitamin B12, which can help increase your energy levels and overall vitality.

2: Lean beef is rich in iron and vitamin B12, making it a great choice for boosting energy and promoting overall health.

3: Lentils are a vegetarian-friendly option that provides a good dose of iron and vitamin B12 to keep you feeling energized.

4: Chicken is a versatile and delicious source of iron and vitamin B12, perfect for enhancing energy and staying active throughout the day.

5: Spinach is a nutrient-dense green leafy vegetable that offers a high amount of iron and vitamin B12, which can help fuel your energy levels.

6: Salmon is packed with omega-3 fatty acids, iron, and vitamin B12, all of which work together to increase energy and vitality.

7: Tofu is a plant-based protein that contains iron and vitamin B12, ideal for maintaining energy levels and supporting overall well-being.

8: Oysters are a powerhouse of nutrients, including iron and vitamin B12, which can provide a quick energy boost when you need it most.

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