1: Discover the top 10 keto-friendly foods rich in fiber, magnesium, and iron for a healthy diet.

2: Avocado is a nutrient-packed keto superfood high in both fiber and magnesium for optimal health benefits.

3: Chia seeds offer a powerful punch of fiber, magnesium, and iron, making them a must-have on a keto diet.

4: Spinach is a low-carb vegetable rich in fiber, magnesium, and iron, perfect for keto-friendly meals.

5: Salmon is a delicious source of magnesium and iron on the keto diet, providing essential nutrients for overall health.

6: Almonds are a crunchy snack loaded with fiber, magnesium, and iron, ideal for a satisfying keto diet.

7: Broccoli is a versatile veggie rich in fiber, magnesium, and iron, making it a staple in keto cooking.

8: Flaxseeds are a keto-friendly superfood packed with fiber, magnesium, and iron to support a healthy lifestyle.

9: Dark chocolate is a tasty treat high in magnesium and iron, perfect for satisfying cravings on a keto diet.