About Us

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Sunshine Frankie was established in 2019 in the UK seaside town of Weymouth, Dorset, by two summer luvin' lovebirds; Liam & Chloe.

With Chloe's love for accessories and fashion, Liam's creative flair, we decided to put together a creative summer accessories brand. Scarves were the primary choice because of the fun, colourful designs available, allowing ourselves and the individual wearing them to show off their personality.

Why Sunshine Frankie? Of course, we're all about that sunshine feeling. But Frankie? We think it's a kick-ass cool name that suits are brand down to a tee.

But really, we want you to put your name there. Sunshine Chloe, Sunshine Becky, Sunshine Annie. This is about you - your personality, your individuality, your name. We just want you to have a little sunshine in your life ☀❤


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